Otvorite vaša vrata pomoću mobilnog telefona koristeći jedinstvene NFC tehnologije
ZKNFC sistem zamenjuje sve tipove contactless ID kartice sa NFC monilnim telefonima

Unlock doors with mobile phones, tags or smartcards.

Just connect the NFCporter reader to your current access control system, download our free identification app and enjoy the advantages of mobile identification.

If you do not have an access control system installed yet, NFCporter is able to work in standalone mode to control a single entrance.

 ZKPorter i NFC sistem omogućujem vam 

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Tehnička specifikacija

Working frequency:  13,56 MHz

Standard: ISO/IEC 14443Accepted card types: All cards and devices with communication standard ISO/IEC 14443

NFC modes: Reader/writer – reading and writing to card/tag Card emulation – reader emulates a card Peer-to-Peer – communication with NFC device

Reading distance: 3.0 cm NFC phone communication ; 4.5 cm Mifare DESFire (reading file) ; 5.0 cm Mifare Standard (reading from sector)

Communication interface: Wiegand, RS232

Connecting cable: TRONIC-CY 12×0.14 RAL7001, 0,5m length

Indication: green and red LED, acoustic signalization

Power supply: 9 to 15 V DC

Consumption: 120 mA

Protection: tamper

Working temperature range: – 25 to + 50 °C

Degree of protection: IP 65

Weatherproofing: environment class IV

Cover material: ABS

Color: RAL9004

Dimensions: 117 x 44 x 20 mm

Certification: CE


Read the instructions on how to install and manage IMAporter access control systems
Here you will find all the materials you might need to successfully handle the installation and subsequent management of our systems. In case of more demanding installations, we recommend you to find a local assembly company which we will train if necessary. We have a lot of experience in training local assemblymen remotely

How to install and use IMAporter Basic?

You will receive the reader, the switching module and a USB/LAN converter of your choice as a part of your ordered package.

How to install the MobileAccess Reader?

The reader together with instructions and a set of configuration cards comes as a part of your ordered package.

How to use PC Admin?

You will find the application on an USB flash drive in your installation package. Cannot find the USB flash drive?

Location of IMAporter Basic

IMAporter Basic is suitable for doors, gates, turnstiles or garage doors, but also for any internal doors you want to secure.

Requirements for system installation:

1. Electronic door locks2. Mobile phone with Android 4.4+ or a secure PC with Windows 7 or later versions

Installation of the most simple version of IMAporter Basic managed only by a mobile phone can be done even without structural modifications using 12V adapters in order to supply the power to the system. We recommend you to entrust any more complex installations to a local assembly company which we will train if necessary.

Central management from PC

You can connect the Windows 7+ Admin PC to individual control units and readers via USB, LAN cables or mobile LTE networks. This allows you to manage all access points safely, conveniently and from a single place.

For convenient management, you will use our PC Admin application which you will receive together with your order on a USB flash drive or via a download link.

For easy addition of contactless smartcards or NFC tags, you will use a desktop ID reader/scanner. If you purchase a set of NFC tags or contactless smartcards together with our system, we may set up the identifier database for you.

Local management from mobile phone

You can also manage the access rights just from your phone. This way of managing the system is suitable especially for buildings with a lower number of secure access points. The system is set up by tapping each individual reader with your phone.

In order to manage the system from your mobile device, you will need the Mobile Admin applicationwhich you can download on Play Store for 2€.

IMAporter ID Cloud

Thanks to our system’s full integration with the ID Cloud platform, you will be able to easily create and send mobile keys to new user’s devices directly from the PC Admin application.Distribution and configuration of mobile keys according to your preferences is also possible from the ID Cloud web interface. For both, you just need a login and a password which you will receive as a part of your order.Mobile keys are sent to new users automatically after stating the required data, via a remotely encrypted channel by QR code, e-mail or SMS.


You can sort users into groups and restrict their access to the building based on a calendar and/or any specific requirements. This gives you better control over who enters the building and when.

Payment for devices/users

Usage of contactless smartcards and NFC tags in IMAporter Advanced is completely free of charge.

If you want to use your mobile device as an identifier, we charge a one-time mobile key payment. Mobile key credit is available in different volumes. The price of a mobile key with an unlimited validity is around 2€ (depending on volume ordered).

Opening doors with IMAporter Basic

Opening by phone

1. Install the Mobile Key user application (available for free on  Google Play or  App Store).The administrator will register the device and set up access rights3. You will receive a configuration SMS and an e-mail with a QR code that you will use to securely save your mobile key to your phone4. Tap the reader with your mobile phone, light up the display and the door will open

What if my phone is not working?

IMAporter access control systems use NFC and Bluetooth 4.0+ technologies based on the purchased configuration. When you first start the Mobile Key user application, your phone will inform you which of these technologies are supported. Usage of the MobileAccess function requires at least one type of these technologies. Furthermore, it is necessary that the phone is operational at the time of identification.If your phone runs out of battery, you can always open the door with an RFID tag, a smart card or a physical key.

Opening with tags or cards

You will need a safe tag or smartcard (MIFARE, DESFire, LEGIC) registered in the system. Hold the selected identifier near the reader and the door will open.A big advantage of tags or cards is that they can never run out of battery. They can serve as a great backup solution or a solution for users who do not wish to use their mobile devices as means of gaining access to the building.